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Subjects with Low Vision Needed for Research on Visual Reading Technology

Research is being conducted at the Minnesota Laboratory for Low-Vision Research at the University of Minnesota. The project is directed by Dr. Gordon E. Legge.

The goal of the research is to enhance our understanding of the use of reading technology by people with low vision. The results will be useful in designing reading aids for low-vision reading and for guidance in selection of appropriate reading aids for individuals with different forms of low vision.

The study involves filling out an online survey. It will take about one hour to complete. It involves questions about your vision status, the types of reading aids you use, and the reading activities you do.

We invite you to participate in this survey if you are an adult with low vision, if you have not had any major changes in your vision recently and if you read visually for some purposes. Low vision is defined as acuity less than 20/60 with best prescribed glasses or contacts, or a visual field less than 20 deg in extent. Low vision does not refer to people who can achieve normal vision with the aid of glasses or contacts, nor to people who have normal vision in one eye and reduced vision in the other eye.

Subjects will be compensated with $20 gift cards (such as Target Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks gift cards)

We welcome people who live outside of the U.S. to take our survey but we are only able to compensate U.S. residents with gift cards..

For questions or more information about the survey, please contact Christina Granquist at the Minnesota Laboratory for Low-Vision Research:


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