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Our research relies on voluntary participation by people with low vision. Research participants visit the laboratory for one or more two-hour sessions. Testing involves reading letters, words, or text displayed on charts or computer screens. Most people enjoy their visit to the lab, and find the projects to be interesting.


Fig1. Steve Harland compared reading performance with different types of electronic magnification for his undergraduate honors project.
Fig2. Amy in tactile experiment.
Fig3. Sing Cheung and Rudrava Roy involved in a virtual reality navigation task.

Al May, a retired statistician from Pillsbury, has low vision resulting from ischemic optic neuritis. He has participated in several studies over a period of years. "I feel like I am making a contribution to low-vision technology, and that's important to me. Participating in studies is a pleasant experience." Lab staff facilitates participation by arranging transportation for participants. The laboratory covers reasonable transportation costs within the Twin Cities area and pays participants for their time in the lab.

Because of the variety of projects in the lab, people with all levels of visual acuity - from 20/20 to no vision - are invited to participate. To reflect the rich diversity of the Twin Cities, we encourage members of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to take part in this important research. Even people who have great difficulty with reading can play an important part in our research. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with us.


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1. Research on Visual Reading Technology

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